Grupo Cropu is a supplier of Components for the automotive industry with 40 years of history. Leader in integrating processes and technologies, offering its customers parts and ready for assemblies.

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Aluminium cold forging

Aluminium plastic deformation process by means of a press knock, in a single or multiple stages, so as to obtain the final piece in the shape defined by the tooling

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Zamak injection

This is a manufacturing process which obtains geometries in great detail, with no need of subsequent machining. We produce parts with high level of aesthetic requirements and with top corrosion resistance, from the very mould design up to the surface finishing of the part.

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Fine machining

GRUPO CROPU is creating added value as expert in fine machining, developing technologies for the design, production and processing of high-precision components for the automotive industry. Our technology portfolio includes precise grinding process, chromium heat treatment and fine polishing, covering the complete range of needs of our customers.

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Surface and heat treatment

The coating process consists of the application of a given thickness of a material on a metal base, in order to protect it from the external corrosion. We also develop surface transforming processes by mechanical or chemical means, or by electrolytes, in order to achieve the surface transformation of the original metal.

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Components assembly

In GRUPO CROPU, supported by our engineering TEAM, our automated assembly process begins with a deep analysis of the processes and products. This philosophy is always used for our internal demand and the needs of our customers. It is our target, to ensure that our equipment produces the highest level of precision and accuracy.

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R&D Strategic Plans

DAU Components SAU

DAU COMPONENTS SAU is developing a Strategic Plan for the INTRODUCTION OF THE PRECISION FORGING PROCESSES OF ALUMINIUM ALLOY PARTS FOR CAR COMPONENTS AND SINGULAR PARTS focused on the research on a new production process of precision extrusion by cold forging through two strategic projects:

  1. BASIC RESEARCH OF MATERIALS AND PROCESSES FOR THE FORGING OF ACCURACY ALUMINIUM ALLOY PARTS. Based on process requirements and aluminum alloys researches, optimized process design and its components, and coatings investigation.
  2. PREINDUSTRIALIZATION OF THE PRECISION FORGING PROCESS OF ALUMINUM PARTS. APPROXIMATION OF MATERIALS AND PROCESSES TO THE PRODUCTIVE ENVIRONMENT. Focused on pre-industrialization development of the new production process in order to test and validate the cold precision forging technology investigated and the most suitable aluminum alloys materials, which will be incorporated on the automotive parts in the future.

Cropu SAU

CROPU SAU is executing a Strategic Plan for RESEARCH IN NEW PROCESSES FOR DECORATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL COATINGS OF SMALL SIZE PARTS focused on investigating a new high-pressure injection production process with additive manufacturing technologies and coating processes optimization for small parts (0 to 15 gr). These challenges are deployed in two strategic projects:

  1. BASIC RESEARCH OF HIGH-PRESSURE INJECTION PROCESSES, AND THEIR IMPACT ON LATER PROCESSES AND COATINGS. OPTIMIZATION THROUGH Additive MANUFACTURING. This project consists on the investigation of the high-pressure injection process for Zn alloys in small parts, both in the automotive and related sectors that use this type of components.
  2. PREINDUSTRIALIZATION OF THE HIGH-PRESSURE INJECTION PROCESS FOR SMALL SIZE PARTS WITH SPECIFIC DECORATIVE COATINGS. It will consist on the pre-industrialization development of the new production process in order to test and validate the previously researched technology and the most suitable materials formats for these alloys.

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